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On-demand concierge for the independent traveller with little time and a smartphone

Are you a digital nomad?

Time is the new luxury but you don't have access to a 5-star hotel concierge service or you need to plan ahead your holiday long before your check-in. Think of a travel concierge and  a city information desk combined.

Start a chat and receive within minutes personal recommendations on your trip to Chania based on your travel profile, book tours & excursions. Or simply ask our concierges for a favour, i.e. anything that will save you time and make your holidays in Chania even more special. 

Go ahead and ask your local a favour


Whether you love to plan everything ahead or if you want to outsource completely the planning phase of your trip to Chania, our concierges will prepare complete itineraries for you with reservations included, depending your traveller profile: solo, couple, group of friends. 


We have compiled an indicative list of activities and tours to inspire you before travelling to Chania. All our concierges are field experts who love their jobs and have crafted special experiences just for The Local Favour. We will help you pick the right mix of experiences.


All our concierges are Chania locals  with great taste, the right connections and a natural instinct to help and share their experience and valuable information with travellers to Chania. You don't need to download another app, just use your favourite messaging app and start chatting!

get ready

Our concierges will help you save valuable time on holidays by getting everything ready before your trip:

from a taxi transfer, pre-arrival stocking of fridge and pantry, to a BBQ chef or a nanny. 
Cannot book a spot at the best beach club or rent beach equipment? The solution is at your fingertips!




BBQ chef


Beach fun

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Kids' comfort


Souvenir shopping

CURATED activities

There is nothing more authentic than enjoying local cheese

and sharing funny or emotional stories with the cheesemaker of a small family business tucked away in a remote area.


Or enjoy a sunset trip with a sail boat while sipping a glass from the bottle of wine you bought from a local winery.

How about drifting away with your boat while hearing stories from ancient Greece and fables from the Greek mythology?

On top of crafting unique experiences, our concierges will arrange your transfer with a knowledgeable driver and even arrange the delivery of the local products back home.

local favoUr-ees

"Dear concierges of the Local Favour, I owe you big time: you saved the day in numerous occasions after unsuccessfully trying to create perfect getaways with with my family.


To know us better*

* back in the 60's and 70's "to know us better" parties were organised as ice-breakers for newcomers. 

Customisation in travel is here to stay because it is now not exclusive to jet-setters or big spenders. What's missing is true personalisation of the planning process.
So, take some time to fill in the questionnaire we have prepared in order to properly profile you as a traveller.
Then, our concierges will craft your holidays and make personalised recommendations that will save valuable time for you and your loved ones.