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local TO plan your trip to greece

Planning a trip can be hard even for avid DIY travellers - it takes a lot of time and research to get everything right, and after all that work, you’re still left wondering if you’ve made the right choices.


"I like to plan on my own, but I need to double check with an expert"

Timberly Williams

You are an independent traveller because you enjoy planning your own trips. But, sometimes you don't have the time for a last minute getaway or need to double-check your research results with a real expert that actually lives in the Greek destination you are longing to visit. Or, you simply cannot afford time to build a full itinerary for a last minute trip. 
Whatever the case, there is a part of our services that is right for you and only you.

We profile you

We have prepared a questionnaire aiming to profile you as much as possible in order to match you better with your Greek expert. This will save even more time from your time and it guarantees the most relevant recommendations even from a simple Zoom chat.

Book a Zoom chat

During the call, your expert will answer all your questions and share notes, suggestions, and recommendations directly in the Zoom chat along with links to anything they recommend so that after the call you have all this information in one place.

+ Customised itinerary

After the Zoom chat we will send you a fully customised itinerary made according to your personality, needs and wants. After this, you can have up to 3 revisions with our expert or you can add-on the on-the-go concierge service for changes and tweaks in your itinerary when you reach the destination.


+ On-the-go concierge

Another service that sets us apart is the on-the-go concierge through your favourite WhatsApp. Purchased alone or bundled with the other services, it will give you the peace of mind of having a local knowledgeable friend when you reach your destination for any changes or tweaks you wish to make.

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Our in-destination experts

Highly experienced and meticulously screened through a standard onboarding process.


They know their destination better than anyone else and they share the same passions with you.


They will give you access to unpublished and hidden gems only locals can uncover for you.


They live and breathe the type of trip that you are looking for and will have always you in mind when planning.


They will never try to sell, they only suggest and let you do the rest.
So, be sure you will only get un-biased opinions.


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This is what you get