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The Local Favour was founded by Natasa and Theo - both Greeks and seasoned travellers from the moment we realised that there is a different world outside the walls and our comfort zone.
In the heart of The Local Favour is our deep need to promote authenticity and offer real local insight to the independent traveller that wants to both save time from research and stay away from crowds in order to scratch under the beautiful yet sometimes overstepped surface of Greece. 

Almost everywhere we travelled, we were lucky to have a local like-minded friend in destination with real insight who helped us navigate through the intricacies of a new place and culture, immerse in local day to day life and come back different.

One other huge part of mind-blowing trips we had is the access to on-the-go assistance by our local friend before the age of Internet and without having to wait for long hours over the phone to talk with any one from the customer support team.


In 2020, the pandemic presented the opportunity to get to know our neighbourhoods better, meet local people working around us and finally sense the feel of being part of a community.

Therefore, a big building block of what we are doing is promote local communities and economies, help local experts (bloggers, tour guides, small travel agents) reach a wider audience before their trip, and share what their gems - their amazing Greek island, town or village.

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passionate travellers

Every member of The Local Favour community is an instictive helper and passionate about travelling to the point that most of the times we are equally if not more excited about your trip than yourself.

responsible travels

We can help you with almost every type of trip or personal needs, but we will never sell donkey rides in Santorini, trips to zoos, horse-riding under the hot sun or mass travel products.

cultural awareness

Travel and culture should go hand in hand. Our community of local experts all have the skills they need to understand, work and flourish in and with cultures other than their own. 

social diversity

Travel should be accessible to everyone and therefore we promote destinations and businesses which are welcoming, accessible and with an open-door policy in order to make travellers feel enabled.

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