Frequently asked questions


So what is The Local Favour?

The Local Favour is new concept of travelling to Greece.
We like to call our service as a combination of a travel concierge and a destination guide for all Greece.
a. As a destination guide, you can use The Local Favour to get instant recommendations for must-visit, must-eat and must-do things in Greece.

Top 10 restaurants, nightlife, sightseeing and beaches are at your fingertips! b. As a travel concierge, The Local Favour will be your personal contact in Greece.
Someone who has proven local insight on Greek destinations, will suggest itineraries and - very important - handle difficult issues that may arise while you are in Greece such as cancellations, medical issues etc.

Are you a travel agent?

Yes and no.

We like to see The Local Favour as the Travel Agent 2.0.

A team of human advisors ready to help you, backed by tech gadgets such as chatbots, automation tool to help you save time and effort from planning you trip to Greece.

However, unlike traditional travel agents or marketplaces, we are not sales-oriented.
We like to share what we believe will suit your needs and wants from a curated list of services provided by vendors that are experts in their field.

Who is behind The Local Favour?

The Local Favour was co-founded by Natasha and Theo, both travel aficionados with a strong hospitality and business background.

Natasha always loved planning trips for her friends and family in exhaustive detail. She strongly believes that Greece is a strong brand, and she is its local ambassador.
She's been working as a Guest Relations manager in Greek hospitality and luxury travel.

That is where she learned that messaging apps are very widely used and her guests use them frequently instead of going to the front desk for tips and information.

Theo' inspiration came from the traveler's side. Mainly as a business frequent traveller or when travelling abroaf for fun, he always looking for a local from his large professional and personal international to get tips and insight for the destination he chose.
Of course, he always used his favourite messaging app.

Are you a robot?

We are very excited about using a custom chatbot that helps profile you better and provide relevent recommendations for restaurants, beaches, nightlife etc.

If you have a more complex request, if you want a custom itinerary for your trip and if you need full assitance for peace of mind, our network of travel assistants will be there for you.

Which destinations do you cover?

Currently we operate in Chania, Crete and looking to expand in more summer and winter Greek destinations.

We chose Chania as our starting point, for 3 main reasons:
1. Our expertise in this area after many years in Cretan hospitality
2. We have built a strong and competent network of professionals in the area.
3. Crete is the most visited Greek destination by international travellers.

How can I contact you?

We specialize in chatting and we have chosen WhatsApp as our favourite messaging app for its simplicity and wide use.

If you prefer to place your request even via email or through our contact form, we can surely adapt to your preferences.


So, how do I use The Local Favour?

Using The Local Favour is as simple as chatting with a friend!
There are 3 ways you can enter a chat with us:
1. Scan the QR you will receive from our partners or from our ads
2. From the WhatsApp button on our website 3. By adding the number +302821052860 to your WhatsApp contact list.

How do I pay for services I get?

At the moment, all services are paid directly at the vendor and with the preferred payment method.

We are working on finding the perfect payment solution that is safe, easy and convenient for you.

What are "favours" and what can I ask?

A favour can be as simple as asking for the most romantic restaurant, or asking for a front-row table and going up to more complex requests as getting there by a horse carriage or renting the entire restaurant for your proposal.

We will try to fulfill every request we receive within reason and as long as it is legal and ethical.

What if you cannot fulfill one my "favours"?

Sometimes (though don’t worry it rarely happens), we are unable to fulfil your request. Most of the time this is linked to events out of our control, like a closed shop or bad weather.

Rest assured that in these cases you benefit from the advantage of talking with a concierge. They will try their hardest to find you an alternative or another solution.

Do you sell activities too?

We have formed a network of local experts in private or group activities such as hiking tours, cultural activities, culinary tours and winery visits & tastings.

We do not sell these activities, we merely suggest these activities to inspire you, based on your individual traveller profile and your specific requests.

We are now working on ways to facilitate payments from our app, to save even more time for you!


Great idea! But how much will it cost for me?

Getting recommendations from our chatbot does not cost you anything and is absolutely fun!

Services such as trip planning and full time concierge are quoted on a case by case basis, depending on your level of agency on planning your vacations in Greece.

You can ask for a quote here.

We are preparing some packages in the future depending on the length of your trip and level of assistance.

Stay tuned!