you don't have time,

we have plenty

Unlike a hotel concierge we will help you plan your stay before setting foot to Chania - plus, we are focused 100% on every guest personally.
Whether it is for necessities such as a pre-arrival groceries bag or little things that will make your holiday in Chania more special: a trusted nanny while you are on date night, booking a sun-lounger with floating toys at a prestigious beach club or a BBQ chef while staying in for the night.

Curated baskets

Our love for everything local is behind our baskets of curated local products for different occasions: a wine & cheese party, a night of binge-watching with Greek snacks or a selection of not-to-be-missed ingredients for a successful Greek BBQ party. Or why don't we design together the ideal basket based on your tastes or dietary restrictions or allergies.


You can spend hours and hours of valuable time browsing through the web, realising that valuable information and tips are scattered or let the Local Favour travel concierges take away the guesswork, endless research and manoeuvring. 

Grocery shopping 

Nobody wants to go shopping after a long flight or shop for groceries in a heat wave! We can arrange delivery of your groceries before your check-in or during your stay in Chania. Fill in the form and our concierges will do the rest. Alternatively, you can order one of our curated baskets for your bbq's or wine parties.


A driver that doubles as a local guide?  We help you book a trusted local driver to pick you up and introduce you to the destination, pre-order travel essentials, and get all your questions answered before or during the trip for a smooth and stress-free experience. 

Children's comfort

From strollers to beach toys, cribs or floating devices, our team will make sure your apartment / villa is stocked full of everything your children need to enjoy your stay in Chania. And when you need adult time or planning a special date night, we will arrange  for an accredited English-speaking nanny. 

BBQ chef

We know souvlaki is your first Greek word, so why not have your own souvlaki grill night at your home away from home? A local bbq expert will help you host a cool Greek bbq night for your closest friends. The chef will prepare your fire, grill, serve and clean after him! 

Beach fun

Beach life is the biggest attraction for visitors and beach clubs are the chi-chi places to be. We will help you save a spot at the most sought-after beach clubs of Chania or - if you are here for the remote paradise-like beaches, you can rent beach equipment such as chairs, floating toys, new towels and coolers on a weekly basis.

Souvenir shopping

Skip the traditional kitschy souvenirs and bring back designer souvenir objects from Greek designers. Alternatively, a good wine paired with aged cheese and rare honey. We know all the good places and will pack your gifts to travel safely with you.