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Experience breakfast like a local

With brunches being served now by practically most cafes and restaurants in Chania, and not just on Sundays, and with Greek Breakfast being offered as an exclusive option in many boutique hotels or bigger resorts, it's time to learn the basics on how you can experience breakfast in Chania.

1. On-the-go breakfast

This is what most Greeks always considered as breakfast: coffee in one hand and a pie or sesame bread roll (koulouri) on the other hand. Depending on the area you are living or your personal taste, a pie can be a cheese pie, spanakopita or cream-filled bougatsa. In Chania, our favourite breakfast snack is either a selection of pastries like lychnarakia, goat cheese-filled kalitsounia (also try the fennel pies) from the Giannarakis local hangout next to the Town Hall in Kydonias street or the cheese-filled bougatsa with sprinkled sugar on top at Bougatsa Hanion on Apokoronou street.

2. Kafeneio breakfast

Along with periptero, the omni-present kiosk selling everything, the kafenio (traditional coffee shop) is a 100% Greek concept. Don't except menus and exquisite plating here, but do try the Greek coffee which is usually prepared in the traditional way ie. in the sand (hovoli). They will bring a cookie or loukoum on the side, but you can also have some cheese with honey or small fried pastries. Ask if they have fresh eggs and they will whip a hearty omelet with wild greens or local cheese that you will never forget.

3. Hotel breakfasts

Our concierges have spotted some of the best breakfast options served by hotels in Chania. Two of our favourites are Ammos Hotel, a vibrant design family hotel in Agii Apostoli, owned by an amazing host and Casa Delfino, an elegant 17th-century Venetian mansion in the old part of Chania. Setting the alarm for breakfast in Ammos is definitely worth it as you can have eggs as you wish and sample something different everyday. At Casa Delfino they call their breakfast legendary and they own to it! There are even gluten-free and vegan choices, traditional recipes with only local and seasonal ingredients on rotation to sample something new everyday.

4. Brunch with a view

Pancakes with different spreads, eggs benedict or croque madames have managed to conquer Greeks who rarely had a proper breakfast unless their mother dragged them from the playground. Our favourite spots combine both delicious dishes and a great location: Phyllo on one of the most beautiful alleys behind the Old Harbour (try the their sourdough bread sandwiches), Jar in a lush green setting next to a pond (loved the pancakes with speculoos spread) that will transport you and Pallas at a prime location next to Neoria with amazing views to the Lighthouse (huge omelettes and beautiful breakfast served on tiered platters).

5. Breakfast on demand

Eventually we are all used to the convenience of ordering pizza or gyros through an app or website. Breakfast in has prepared some delightful breakfast options you can order and have it delivered at your place or your Airbnb to enjoy delicious and healthy choices everyday. They even have 3 different children's menus that will spoil your little ones with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches or traditional sfakiani pita drizzled with Cretan thyme honey. And their coffee is great too!

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