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Why you need a travel concierge

Travel concierges, travel consultants or advisors... no matter how you call them, you know you will need them at least once in your life, even more if you travel somewhere where all is Greek to you!

Travelling is so rewarding and we usually gladly jump to the process of designing it either alone or as a group of travel DIY enthusiasts. But, when the novelty wears off and we end up having spent days and hours doing research for every part of our trip, it's better to pause and think.

Imagine if all you needed to do was to get in a taxi waiting to take you to your Greek hotel. Then, you know that everything is already arranged for you:

Brunch with eggs as you like them, a visit to a cheese maker that made today's delicious graviera, a bottle of wine delivered at your room from a local shop, and tickets for a cultural tour the next day customised to your own likes..

1. It saves you time: before and during your trip

While still in the planning process, it will save you hours from research. It's your time to have fun, not prove your DIY skills! After your arrival, by using a travel assistant you get to spend more precious time with your loved ones, than searching for the best available fish taverna near your beach. Your personal travel assistant in Greece will give you tips only locals know and will always be available for assistance.

2. You have access to the best in Greece

Travel concierges are some of the most well-rounded, funny, personable and knowledgeable people you'll meet. They have built meaningful connections with local providers and know all the right addresses to recommend to you. Plus, whenever there is a need to change a plan, concierges know how to be flexible enough to accommodate you and give you peace of mind.

The jewelery shop you were planning to buy a gift from is nearly closed and you don't have time to get there. Your travel assistant will make the right call, and your gift can even be delivered at your hotel room.

3. You get the personalisation you crave for

You cannot get truly personalised recommendations without getting personal. So, unlike using a travel marketplace, you can ask your concierge and they will bring you all marketplaces at your fingertips. No cookie-cutter solutions when travelling or quantity versus quality: a true travel concierge will not give you 300 options, but just 3 that are 100% right for you.

For example, if you are into hiking and a nature-lover, you might prefer a suggestion to eat at a local laid back restaurant that only cooks with seasonal and local ingredients, not the new hot sushi restaurant in town.

3. You have real assistance, mostly on a rainy day

Planning a trip has become more of a high tech thing than a high-touch service as it was and should be. But, after Covid-19, many travellers realised they miss the human factor when they are facing small hiccups or serious disruptions during their trip.

You know you need a travel concierge when you have to look up a doctor on duty in the middle of the night or have a last-minute cancellation for an activity and do not want to negotiate, or if you forgot something value and you need it posted back.
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