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Image by Dimitris Kiriakakis


The Cyclades are the picture-perfect Greek islands where whitewashed villages tumble down to azure bays. But, Mykonos and Santorini - the bucket list Greek islands - are not the only islands with sugar-cubed white houses, bougainvilleas and churches on hilltops. The Cyclades island complex is the perfect venue for island hopping and to explore very differing cultures and landscapes.

Escape the crowds and visit the most sough-after islands during off-season or spend more time on the lesser-known Cyclades where social distancing has been practiced before it was cool and where you will have the chance to immerse yourself in white and blue backgrounds without the hordes of Instagrammers posing next to you. 

Lesser is better: more time to contemplate the surroundings, better, locally sourced food, the best shaded spots at your favourite beach, authenticity and laid-back friendly atmosphere are the top reasons to visit the under-the-radar Cyclades islands beloved by locals .  




Friends of the island meet every year either at Margarita's restaurant after their swim, under a tree in the golden beach of Roukounas, getting cheerfully drunk with rakomelo at Markos' Armenaki or in one of the bars with views equal if not more breath-taking than Oia's.


Car-free Kastelorizo with its picture-perfect port was immortalised in 1991's Mediterraneo movie and today, this frontier-island attracts visitors that wish to blend with the locals, eat only the catch of the day, swim in blue caves and enjoy vistas of the Turkish land just 20 minutes away.


Book a sail trip and beach wine tastings in Myconos, horse riding  to Eros beach in Santorini, hike & sail in Milos to the most secluded beaches, bird-watching and surfing in Tinos, walk to Ano Syros to experience rembetiko music session where Markos Vamvakaris was born.


Culturally rich, relaxed and tranquil Karpathos is an unrivalled attraction to the sun worshippers, nature lovers and adrenaline driven visitors. But, everyone will be delighted by the way old traditions are always incportorated in today's life such as the wedding ritual in Olympos that lasts for 15 days. 


Home to 72 - mostly unspoilt and free of sun umbrellas - beaches, Serifos with its beautiful Chora, is a rugged off-the-beaten-path island once known for its mines. Only a few places in Greece give you the opportunity to go deep inside the earth and walk through the tunnels that had been built for the mines. 


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